Charles Hazlewood

Six Degrees of Separation reflects conductor Charles  Hazlewood's passionate belief that there are only 2 sorts of music: good & bad. The very idea that if you like drum’n’bass you won't like Wagner, if you like Wagner you won't like Renaissance music, or R&B or or... That all music is very connected, NOT a series of mutually exclusive endpoints.

Six Degrees of Separation draws a tangible and hugely enjoyable link between JS Bach & The Prodigy, through 5 other 'degrees' or  tracks along the way.  Through anecdote, illustration and above all some seriously good music, Charles's event speaks equally to the musically literate and the music-shy. This is a lovely, stimulating, diverting and satisfying way to spend an hour or so.

'Charles Hazlewood - BBCTV's pin-up conductor'   Telegraph

'What Heston Blumental is to food, Charles Hazlewood is to music'  Guardian

'Charles Hazlewood is acid-hot' Observer

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