Mark Horton
Coasting Along

Professor Mark Horton  has been presenting the BBC's popular COAST programme since 2005. During this time he has visited every corner of the British and Irish coasts, and uncovered amazing stories of our maritime history and culture from Stone Age to the Industrial Revolution.

He will share the best bits of his experience, with tales of ancient peoples, of discovery, shipwrecks and disasters, with stunning photographs of the coast and the people who live and work there. Mark has a wealth of wonderful stories about the coastal areas of the UK and can tailor his talk to suit the area around every venue.

He has a wide ranging archaeological interest and has led digs in both Britain and overseas. He has presented and contributed to numerous TV archaeology programmes, from the BBC Two series Time flyers and the BBC Scotland documentary on the Darien Disaster. He was also involved in the early days of Time Team on Channel 4 and has contributed to many archaeology programmes on the Discovery and History Channel.

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