Author tells of wealthy ancestor's escape from abuse and slavery in the plantations ofthe Caribbean

Mar 22, 2021

Exciting news on the literary front. Lucy: Ultimate Survivor by Elizabeth Haywood, due to be published on 31st March, is a wonderfully life-affirming story of a young woman who escaped abuse and imprisonment in the Caribbean during the early 19th-century.
Fascinatingly this woman was not a slave. She was British, from a wealthy family, and brought up on the English–Welsh border. Her fortunes changed dramatically when she married Caribbean plantation owner, Sam Lord, for love, only to discover that he had married her for her fortune.
It was a time when a woman was a chattel and everything she had, including her children, became her husband’s. Abused and imprisoned in Barbados, Lucy escaped with the help of enslaved people.
This extraordinary book, written by Lucy’s great, great, great granddaughter, as historical fiction offers a vibrant intimate description of early 19th-century life – giving birth at sea, braving disease and cruelty, and witnessing the abject misery of slavery – it is a story of courage in adversity, a runaway marriage to an unfaithful husband and a descent from a life of pampered luxury to a struggle for survival in a far-off land.
About the author: Dr Elizabeth Haywood has spent her career in business and has appeared on major TV and radio outlets across the UK. She lives with her husband, Lord Peter Hain, mostly in south Wales. This is her first book, born out of a desire to tell her ancestor’s extraordinary story. It is a story that also chimes closely with Peter Hain’s position as Ambassador and fervent supporter of the Tutu Foundation UK and its commitment to peace, social justice and racial harmony.
Lucy: Ultimate Survivor will be available from Waterstones, Foyles and WH Smith in the UK.  You can also pre-order it as of now from the publisher, Austin Macauley: If you prefer, you can buy it from Amazon who are also the retailer of the e-book.