Desmond Tutu was an advocate of love, freedom, and compassion at The Elders

Aug 29, 2023
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Clive Conway and Desmond Tutu

Desmond Tutu, a remarkable figure acclaimed as 'South Africa's moral conscience', left an indelible mark on the world through his unwavering commitment to justice, peace, and human rights. As the Archbishop Emeritus of Cape Town, a Nobel Peace Laureate, and a revered anti-apartheid activist, Tutu's influence transcended borders and inspired generations. His legacy continues to flourish through his role as a Founding member and Chair of The Elders, an organisation dedicated to promoting peace and addressing global challenges.

Tutu's profound impact was deeply felt by global leaders and elders upon his passing in 2021. Former President Jimmy Carter eloquently summarised Tutu's essence, describing him as a beacon of love, freedom, and compassion. Tutu's journey encompassed the strenuous battle against apartheid in South Africa and his leadership in the national campaign for truth and reconciliation. His influence extended beyond borders, epitomising the core of a global citizen.

Tutu's wisdom resonates through his poignant quotes. He observed that entities like The Elders serve as reminders that change is possible, that conflicts can be resolved, and that wars can indeed come to an end. His astute observation that both oppressors and the oppressed suffer from the dehumanising effects of oppression underscored his profound understanding of the human experience.

"Despite all of the ghastliness in the world, human beings are made for goodness. The ones that are held in high regard are not militarily powerful, nor even economically prosperous. They have a commitment to try and make the world a better place." - Desmond Tutu

His philosophy on forgiveness, born out of self-interest, offers a perspective that forgiveness is not merely a moral act but a means of retaining one's humanity in the face of dehumanising forces. Tutu's life and work echo his belief in ethical leadership – a leadership that arises not from perfection, but from navigating the complexities of challenging situations with compassion and a commitment to humanity.

Desmond Tutu's journey, as a beacon of hope, love, and resilience, continues to inspire those striving for a better world. His legacy, interwoven with The Elders' mission, reminds us that the pursuit of justice, freedom, and compassion is a path worth pursuing.