Embracing a Champion of Justice: Welcoming Robert Beckley to the Tutu Foundation UK

Aug 2, 2023
Iconic PR

It is with great pleasure and excitement that we extend our warmest greetings to the Tutu Foundation UK's new ambassador, Mr. Robert Beckley. We are delighted to have him join our ranks and bring his remarkable expertise and experience to further our mission of promoting peace, equality, and social justice.

A true exemplar of dedication and leadership, Robert Beckley has an impressive background that has spanned both the realms of law enforcement and humanitarian work. Currently serving as Assistant Commissioner, seconded to the Home Office, and working as the officer in overall command of Operation Resolve, his contribution to the criminal and disciplinary investigations into the Hillsborough disaster is commendable. His commitment to seeking justice and accountability is an inspiration to us all.

Before his distinguished role in the Home Office, Mr. Beckley served as the Chief Operating Officer in the College of Policing, where he played a pivotal role in establishing the new College as the police standard-setting body in England and Wales. His leadership during the 2015 Police Leadership Review brought transformative changes, including the implementation of a Code of Ethics in policing and the introduction of Direct Entry into more senior ranks. These initiatives have undoubtedly contributed to enhancing the integrity and professionalism of law enforcement in the region.

Throughout his varied policing career, Mr. Beckley has amassed extensive experience in various aspects of policing, including operational command at all ranks, crime investigation, counter-terrorism, organisational strategy, and community and race relations. This diverse expertise makes him a valuable asset in the pursuit of creating a just and inclusive society.

However, Mr. Beckley's dedication to positive change extends beyond the borders of the United Kingdom. Before joining the police force, he spent four years working in education and development in Africa, demonstrating a profound commitment to uplifting communities and fostering growth in regions where it is needed most.

As we welcome Mr. Robert Beckley to the Tutu Foundation UK, we are confident that his presence will further invigorate our efforts to foster dialogue, understanding, and empathy across communities. His profound sense of justice, coupled with his dedication to education and development, perfectly aligns with our foundation's vision of promoting harmony and cooperation among diverse groups.

Let us embrace our newest ambassador with open arms, as we are certain that with Mr. Beckley's addition, the Tutu Foundation UK will continue to flourish, championing the values of equality, compassion, and social progress.

We extend our heartfelt welcome to Mr. Robert Beckley and look forward to an inspiring journey together.