Head over to the Stafford Gatehouse Theatre to see ‘Posting Letters to the Moon’ with Lucy Fleming and Simon Williams, on Sunday 22nd May 2022

May 5, 2022
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Clive Conway presents ‘Posting Letters to the Moon' with Lucy Fleming and Simon Williams.

An evening of wartime letters between the actress Celia Johnson and her husband Peter Fleming read by their daughter, Lucy Fleming, and Simon Williams.

These touching and amusing letters from Celia to her husband tell of her experiences during the war – from coping with a large isolated house full of evacuated children, learning to drive a tractor, dealing with rationing, becoming an auxiliary policewoman, and all the while accepting offers, when she could get away, to act. Not only are the letters highly engaging but they also provide a fascinating historical insight into a time of true austerity and fearfulness.

“It was a joy to discover these letters, and I hope you will find them as funny and moving as I do.” - Lucy Fleming 

She went on to act for David Lean, Noel Coward, wartime propaganda films & broadcasts, and ultimately in 1945 starring in Brief Encounter for which she received an Oscar nomination.

Peter Fleming was away for most of the war - he writes about his adventures and trials working on deception in India and the Far East.

“Funny and quietly hypnotic, so memorable is their deep love for each other. It shines through on every page. The compelling story has us cheering for the Flemings” - TheatreScene.com

“Voiced with effortless charm by Lucy Fleming and the witty and debonair Simon Williams.” - Harry Forbes

‘the actors deliver this fascinating love story with thoughtfulness, pride, and creativity .It’s an unforgettable, poignant look at the war, family, the wrenching moments of separation and loss, and finally, joy. It’s a soaring, memorable ending that wraps the piece on a doubly high note’ - Plays To See in New York

Show Date and Venue

Date: Sunday 22nd May 2022

Time: 7:30 PM

Booking link: https://staffordgatehousetheatre.co.uk/events/posting-letters-to-the-moon/