Join Sir William Atkinson in the latest conversation of Courage to Heal’s series of inspiring virtual events

Nov 17, 2021
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Sir William Atkinson

Sir William Atkinson, visionary educator and acclaimed Headteacher of the transformed Phoenix school in West London. Sir William was the inspiration behind Lenny Henry's character in the 1999 BBC TV series Hope and Glory. A graduate of King's College London (MA, 1980) he's been labelled Britain's most successful headteacher and his legacy is inspiring; Phoenix continues to transform the life chances of both students and their families. Sir William is charismatic, indefatigable, and uncompromising, demonstrating firm leadership without undermining the confidence of local community. 

Join in the forthcoming Courage to Heal virtual conversation with Sir William where he will share his interest around improving the education system for young people and explore how his work empowers the courage to heal. They will also tackle the question, ‘what has Covid-19 taught us about how to address inequality in our global community, and how can we use these learnings to move forward?’ 

The virtual event takes place on 24th November 2021 at 5pm UK time

Please use this Zoom link to access the event: 

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