Kheron Gilpin of Tutu Foundation UK is set to speak at UK Mediation Conference on 1st July 2024 at London's Congress Centre

Jun 28, 2024
Iconic PR

We are pleased to announce Tutu Foundation UK will participate in UK Mediation Conference 2024, taking place at London’s Congress Centre on 1st July 2024.

Kheron Gilpin will represent Tutu Foundation UK and discuss Ubuntu Round Tables project and deliver an inspiring workshop for attending delegates. The programme will also feature talks by Civil Mediation Council, Sheridan Worldwide, The TCM Group, Consensio, Mia Forbes Pirie and Clive Bonny. Further information can be found on the event website by clicking here.

Kheron's session: 'I am because you are' - What happened in the Ubuntu Round Tables? Brace yourself for an inspiring keynote speech filled with insights and interactivity.

Further information about Kheron:

Kheron Gilpin is an engagement specialist with over a decade of experience in community development and educational interventions. His work encompasses motivational speaking, engagement training for educators, and facilitation of events and dialogues. He began his career in community development by eagerly taking, and making, opportunities for himself and others in his home area of South London. As a young community leader, Kheron worked as a peer outreach worker for the Greater London Authority while also founding initiatives, including a youth group within South London Tenants Associations called Alwayz Kreative that provided creative opportunities for young people. Kheron’s skills in public speaking and facilitation have led him to be enlisted by the Tutu Foundation to facilitate difficult dialogues, including between police and young offenders. Kheron had also been commissioned by brands such as Nike, JD and Sports Direct to run community engagement events and deliver youth engagement consultancy. Kheron now specialises in educational engagement and works with schools and colleges around the UK to maximise their student engagement strategies and deliver impactful talks, workshops and assemblies.

Kheron has a strong commitment to making a positive impact, not only by sharing practical tools and strategies but also by embodying the values of unity and action, inspired by Ubuntu, an African philosophy that emphasises our interconnectedness and shared humanity.