Lucy Fleming and Simon Williams’ ‘Posting Letters to the Moon’ continues on August 3rd at Two Sisters’ Theatre, Kent

Jun 22, 2022
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Posting Letters to the Moon

Clive Conway presents ‘Posting Letters to the Moon' with Lucy Fleming and Simon Williams.

An evening of wartime letters between the actress Celia Johnson and her husband Peter Fleming read by their daughter, Lucy Fleming, and Simon Williams. 

"I wasn’t prepared for how funny the letters were, nor how touching. Those war years seem to have formed one of those rare Elizabethan-like pockets of time which imbues everyone with humour, articulacy, honesty." - Nicholas Shakespeare

These touching and amusing letters from Celia to her husband tell of her experiences during the war – from coping with a large isolated house full of evacuated children, learning to drive a tractor, dealing with rationing, becoming an auxiliary policewoman, and all the while accepting offers, when she could get away, to act. Not only are the letters highly engaging but they also provide a fascinating historical insight into a time of true austerity and fearfulness.

“An extraordinary evening. Intimate, poignant and deeply moving; one of the most memorable evenings in theatre I have ever had” - J. Deal 

There is limited seating available and as we near the show date it may be sold out, so be sure to book your tickets soon. 

Show Date and Venue

Date: Wednesday 3 August 2022

Time: 2:30 PM

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