Meet Lucy Worsley the hardest working historian in television

Mar 8, 2021
Lucy Worsley

She’s here, she’s there, she’s everywhere. Lucy Worsley, the hardest working historian in television, never seems to be off the box. And that certainly isn’t a bad thing.
She does a cracking job at making what could be quite dry subjects accessible, enjoyable and thoroughly entertaining. She tells it like it is too. Never afraid to expose the truth behind the spin and gloss.
Lucy, whose day job is co-curator of the Royal Palaces, deals with a number of subjects too. She is even lined up to talk about the British obsession with murder in a future CCP talk and just a couple of weeks back she was fronting a major TV documentary on The London blitz.
Meanwhile she is among a stellar lineup of celebrities and experts whose talks are streaming on our Curtain Up series of online shows presented in conjunction with Iconic Media Solutions. Check it out there is a choice between 'Queen Victoria: Daughter, Wife, Mother, Widow’ - Lucy’s view of an often misunderstood monarch. And  ‘Jane Austen at Home’ - a revealing talk about the home life of her favourite author.
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