Theatres make face coverings mandatory this week due to the spread of the Omicron Covid variant

Dec 3, 2021
Iconic PR
Image by stockinasia

This week some of the biggest theatres in England including the National, the Royal Opera House, the English National Opera, the Old Vic, as well as all of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s theatres in the West End have implemented mandatory face masks as they try to respond to the threat of the new Omicron Covid variant. 

Theatres have been able to accept guests at full capacity since all restrictions were lifted back in July, and although the government has not mentioned theatres as yet, face coverings only mandatory in shops and on public transport from this week, theatre owners are making the move first in the hopes that the situation does not worsen and theatres do not have to close once more. The entertainment industry suffered greatly during the 16-month closures, and another full lockdown for a prolonged period may be devastating for many of the UK’s small theatres. 

Theatre owners will be keeping the mandatory face coverings until at least the 19th of December, which is the set date for the government's review of its guidance on masks.