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Nov 24, 2021
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Lucy Worsley - Hay Festival. Photograph by Paul Musso

Lucy is Chief Curator at Historic Royal Palaces, she is an hugely popular writer, broadcaster and speaker. Her recent TV series includes Lucy Worsley: Mozart’s London Odyssey , Six Wives with Lucy Worsley, and American History's Biggest Fibs with Lucy Worsley.

Courtiers, The Secret History of Kensington Palace

Lucy Worsley takes you on an illustrated journey through the weird world of the Georgian court by telling the story of her favourite queen, Caroline. Wife of the almost-forgotten King George II, Caroline was the fattest, funniest and cleverest queen ever to sit on the throne. Using eighteenth-century paintings, court memoirs, palace diaries and intimate letters, Lucy recounts the adventures and trials of Caroline’s life at Kensington Palace, explaining the unlikely turn of events that led an orphaned princess from a tiny German state to sit upon the British throne.

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Lucy Worsley Presents an Illustrated Talk of Her Book 'Jane Austen At Home

Lucy Worsley paints a vivid picture of her favourite author, Jane Austen. Through the houses, places and possessions which mattered to her, Lucy takes a fascinating look at Jane Austen’s world, considers what home meant to Jane and to the women like her who populate her novels. Dispelling the myth of the cynical, lonely spinster, Lucy instead offers us a witty, passionate and courageous woman, who, in her quiet way, changed the world.

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Lucy Worsely Presents an Illustrated talk of Her Book Queen Victoria: Daughter, Wife, Mother, Widow

Queen Victoria, a little old lady, spherical in shape, dressed in black, perpetually grumpy. Right? Historian Lucy Worsley wants to make you think again. Meet a complex, contradictory woman, who had a traumatic childhood, who loved dancing, who suffered calamity and bereavement, before coming out the other side as an eccentric, powerful and a rather magnificent old lady. Lucy's illustrated talk takes you into the life, the palaces, and the rich colourful age of this woman who ruled a quarter of the globe.

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